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Your Complete Library of Material Transfer and Feeding Technology

On these download pages you can find a complete library of information and tools that will help you in planning and specifying your material transfer and feeding systems. The K-Tron Process Group designs and manufactures pneumatic conveying and feeding systems serving the full spectrum of process industries from food and pharmaceutical to chemical and plastics.

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Index of material transfer and feeding information download pages

  • Specifications: A complete list of K-Tron spec sheets available for download can be found here.
  • FeedSmart: You can quickly compute the lowest possible recipe cost for every blend, formulation or compound you process, and calculate additional savings with improved feeder accuracy using this free tool. FeedSmart is a Microsoft® Excel Workbook designed to minimize the cost of any recipe containing up to six ingredients.
  • Brochures: The latest product brochures from the K-Tron Process Group.
  • Fliers: Product, service and test lab information flyers.
  • Technical Articles: Articles about feeding and conveying that have appeared in industry trade journals from around the world.
  • Case Histories: Articles from technical journals reporting on how feeders and pneumatic conveyors have been employed in industrial processes
  • White Papers: Technical articles produced by the K-Tron Process Group.
  • Videos: View live application videos and animations demonstrating K-Tron process equipment.
  • Free Tools: K-Convert is a freeware program that converts units of measurement from metric to US standards, and from US standards to metric. The Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions on Feeder Accuracy is one of the most popular and frequently downloaded PDFs on our website. This 12 page technical paper answers key questions about bulk solids feeding.
  • Applications: Go to our Industries Served pages to find examples of material transfer and feeding applications for your industry.